Cosmic Wonderland ~ October 7-10th 2016

Our first and only event this Summer, just before we fly out from Ibiza to find our new home !

What a special weekend, with new friends and old friends coming to join us, a few more tents pitched this time, and a kiwi team all the way from New Zealand that helped prepare the site for tents and a beautiful chill-out area.

You may have noticed we took the ‘Games’ out of the name this time ~ the reason is not that we were going to play less games (quite the opposite as you’ll see from the hilarious photos !) ~ this time we just wanted to allow complete freedom for everyone to just do whatever they want, and see what happens…!

We’re sad, but excited to close this chapter of Cosmic Games atop Can Ufeelit, but we feel we will create something just as fun elsewhere on this infinite plane :)

Check out the hilarity here ~ Photos