Sunrise @ Can Ufeelit

Cosmic Cat

Cos Cat in the Vagina

The beautiful Ibiza Superfoods sponsoring Cosmic Games

Group Games

Treasure Hunting for Ibiza Cats

Treasure Hunt Boy's Team - Arizona Pink Socks

Treasure Hunt Girl's Team - the GG's

Treasure Hunt Boy's Winners

Pass the Parcel Wrapping

More Rapping

Cosmic Chilling

Cosmic Playmates

Apricot Tree Intentions

Collage Room ~ sight sense regained

More creative fun

Child Rebirth into Playfulness

Frozen Organic Acai Opening Ceremony ~ thanks guys !

Beetroot Smudging !

Opening Fun

Makako Self Service Health Bar with Collaborators 'Organic Acai', 'Ibiza Superfoods', 'Tea of Life Kombucha'

Throw the Pass the Parcel

Syncronized Swimming Fun

Syncronized Swimming ~ Go boys !

Kris Cat Delivery

Spin the Cosmic Bottle Fun

Sim n Leah

Truth or Dare

30 Sec Cosmic Hug

A visit from the Lady in Pink

A visit from this lovely lady inspired a whole new game……girls dress up boys !!!

Boy Dressup by Girls

Julia and Dietra

Girls as Boys Team Fashion

Boys rocking the show

Dietra with her battery

Wouter Styling

Parisian Fashion

Chrissie and Clinnie

Christine on the floor

DJ Giulio

Leah Floyeurs with a Makako