Summer 2017

Having now left our home in Ibiza, we are now based in New Zealand, whilst we look for our new island.  Whilst we do that, Cosmic Games will be a spur of the moment exploration into playing games, possibly with a spontaneous event, anywhere in the world, until we decide to seriouslessnessly re-launch in our new paradise <3


Summer 2016

This Summer we made the decision to host only one event, without the additional complexity of filming, so as to put all of our energy and focus into it, and to understand how we can co-create the concept further together.

Cosmic Wonderland FESTIVAL ~ Friday 7th October – Monday 10th October


Summer 2015 Dates

Dates for Summer 2015 Cosmic Games @ Can Ufeelit – live streamed worldwide for 4 hours until sunset each event :

TAKE OFF ~ Saturday June 13th ~ 2pm – an hour after sunset
Saturday July 18th ~ 5pm – an hour after sunset
Sunday August 15th ~ 3pm – an hour after sunset
Saturday September 12th ~ 3pm – an hour after sunset
Saturday October 10th ~ 2pm – an hour after sunset

Cosmic Wonderland FESTIVAL ~ Saturday 31st October & Sunday 1st November

Over the Summer we’ll be building up from Ibiza with lots of parties scattered around, also playing games, hearing the 432hz from Can Ufeelit and seeing the games ~ to an end of season festival called Cosmic Wonderland !