The hunt for Seriousnessless Land

2016 Summer was our last, up at our home, Can Ufeelit in Ibiza, and it was magical.  We spent a lot of time enjoying nature, CTFO-ing (we’ll let you work that one out 😉 ), and contemplating what life was truly about.  I mastered the art of ‘banana-pops’, experimenting with all sorts of yumminess, and they became our healthy go-to for the Summer.

Coscat and Iena lazed around as usual, with Coscat going off for extended exploration periods (the longest being 3 weeks, after which we formally said goodbye, by taking away his food bowl, and he promptly returned the next morning ! We must truly all be connected <3), and Iena not moving far.

We gave away all of our belongings, bar the one and only Faema original expresso machine, our fluffs (fluffy coats), our photos, my vinyl and some 98 silver monkeys our gorgeous playmates Matt, Suni, Mia, Ali, Aleks and Rob gave us for our new island abode, when we find it…oh, and we of course took our smokey quartz crystal that Can Ufeelit presented us with in the last moments !

…found just beneath the surface of the red dirt between the Boudoir and the laundry, they were sparkling up at me one afternoon whilst we built the pipeline from the new well.  What a gift !  We shared all the little pieces with our playmates on Ibiza, and have since sprinkled them wherever we go.  Thank you Can Ufeelit <3

We miss the beauty, the serenity, the colours of Ibiza and of course our playmates, and keep in our hearts the freedom, the carefree nature and the creativity that the island paradise was built upon; ready for flourishing in a new way in a place we create, our own reality, called ‘Seriouslessness Land’.

So far we have explored several places and right now we’re in the contemplation mode….one place we found could be it ~ but it’s a challenge….and we want to make sure we’re up for it !

In the mean time, keep playing, and we’ll see you for some more games very, very soon.

Loads of love and proper hugs, xx Sim and Giulio