Cosmic games invites every single person in the world to participate in this free, human consciousness experiment. An invitation to play with childlike abandon, so we can all re-discover our freedom, our innocence, our creativity, and new ways to connect to one another and the world around us.

It is an exploration and mission to discover a new, unified flowing experience of being on this planet.

Our first goal is to reunite with the freedom we felt as children, when all we needed was nature and friends…and then take it back into our daily lives..

To do this, we are rewinding and reinventing the way we party, to make it all about FUN. We are creating a giant playground in nature.

Our wish, is that this experience breathes new freedom into our lives, a fresh state of being, newfound knowledge and inspiration about creating together, being together, health & well-being, growing food easily, eco-living, and recognising our own intuitional, creative energetic pulse :)

The other goal of Cosmic Games is about contribution. We see a world full of resources and physical working capability, and money just gets in the way of progress ~ both mentally and physically.

This means Cosmic Games is a trial run on co-creating something without money, in which we all contribute with what we can, and money is out of the equation. We lovingly provide the space of Can Ufeelit and what we can share, and everyone who attends Cosmic Games there also brings what they can. Anyone who tunes into the live stream or wants to sponsor the event with their healthy idea or product also does the same.

Then if we need to raise some funds initially or at any point for the project (say for streaming costs or equipment), we’ll get creative or do some crowdfunding, so we can make it happen together !