The Setup

Can Ufeelit is transformed into one giant playground with games located outside around the pool, in the forest and inside the finca.

Monthly Cosmic Games events will be held around the date of the new moon to set the intention for the energy for the rest of the month.

Games ~ childhood games reinvented, games for each room of the house, pool games, creative games, heart games, mind games, on the spot games ~ all to inspire childhood fun, authenticity and innocence

432hz Tuned Music ~ played by DJs on a 1,2,3 or 5 tune (whichever works best), boy/girl rotation, to make DJing a game in itself

Food and Drinks ~ super fun to make and delicious natural, healthy tasters for everyone to create and experiment with on the day, making our minds, bodies and souls feel so friggin high; we won’t even think about other stimulants !

Contribution ~ Cosmic Games is an experiment into how we can create without money.

Anyone who wishes to create their own Cosmic Games at the same time, in their home, anywhere in the world, just creates their own event, designs a playground with games, and tunes into the live stream to catch the 432hz frequency music and connect to us via video.

Check the Facebook Page  for the live links and further details.