Based out of the island of Ibiza, from a finca called Can Ufeelit, atop a mountain, Cosmic Games is a new type of gathering, in which senses are enlivened, childhood games are reinvented and played to expand our consciousness, music is harmonious (in 432Hz), food and drink is healthy and high vibrational, djs work together and spontaneous co-creations happen.

Cosmic Games will be streaming live video and 432hz audio across the island to satellite Cosmic Games parties, and soon after, to a worldwide Cosmic Games ~ imagine a global house party shifting the energy and catalysing a new state of mind of everyone across the planet through fun and games !

It is a consciousness expanding experiment with the use of natural stimulants, in the daytime from 5pm – an hour after sunset, so it coincides nicely around the world timewise.

You could call it an exploration into the true, Cosmic, Game of Life :0)

<<<<< Can You Feel It ????? >>>>>>