We are…

…super open hearted people who want to explore universe love….we like to call ourselves ‘Universal Love Explorers’ :)  and we feel these words give a good idea of what it’s all about :

welcoming * free *  inclusive * collaborative * fearless * kind * supportive * constructive * caring * helpful * thoughtful * understanding * innocent * reaching out * expressive * honest * unashamed * trusting * joyful * tender * soft * trustworthy * intelligent * silly * fun * beautiful !


We explore a new way of being, to co-create through the energy of true love found within the heart.

 We are listeners and respectful to others. We work to find new ways to understand and communicate with each other.

We are contributors. We discover our gifts, share our skills and resources, and together, contribute to each other’s growth and a new world.


We are students. We seek knowledge outside as we seek wisdom inside, to learn and understand ourselves and the world around us.

We are expanders. We see a way forward without limitations, full of opportunity and solutions.

We are fearless. We are not afraid to be vulnerable and expose our weaknesses. We become stronger and wiser through this.

We see truth, as a way through to solution.

We are children. We play to play, with childlike innocence.

We love, unconditionally, without judgement, yet with the power to stand tall in the face of adversity.

Let’s explore together !